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Welcome to Bella Studio Linen!

Bella Studio was established by two mums who love fashion and linen. We started by establishing a captivating set of clothes, and now want to extend our love of linen to bedding, and dining and living rooms furnishings.

At Bella Studio, we believe that the perfect night's sleep is a game changer for starting your day full of energy and that a perfect night's sleep starts with the perfect bedding. We have trialled different bedding and nothing beats linen to not only take you to dreamland, but to give you the premium feeling of drifting off in a five-star bedroom.

Focusing on a minimalist, 'back to basics' design, our linen sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover bring that touch of elegance to your bedroom. We also created a collection of dining and living room products, to take that touch of elegance to your everyday living.

Our bedroom products are available in single, twin, queen and king sizes and we can customise too for your special requests.

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