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At Bella Studio, we believe that the perfect night's sleep is a game changer for starting your day full of energy. Bella Studio was established by two mums who love fashion and linen.


Our Bedding products

Focusing on a minimalist, ‘back to basics’ design, our linen sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover bring that touch of elegance to your bedroom

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Dining Collection and Living Furnishings

Great dining time with your beloved family and friends with our elegance dining collection



Simple is the Best. Our fashion clothes will make you be your best


125 Duke Road, Doonan, Queensland, 4562, Brisbane, Australia


0451871454 (Brisbane)


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Visit our Bella Studio online shop, where you can find all your bedding and living/dining needs, made in Vietnam with love, to bring back the simple basics of comfort and elegance.

What is premium linen?

Premium linen is a 100% linen fabric with a typical linen weave: loosely woven and with charming threads of irregular thickness. 100% linen has unique natural properties. Thanks to this, linen fabrics are airy and isolate moisture. Due to its properties, linen has great heat conductivity, directing heat away from the body during summer. Linen also wicks away humidity and perspiration; you will never have to sleep under damp sheets.

What is bamboo linen?

Bamboo linen is poduced mechanically, without chemicals, unlike other bamboo fabrics. The process is very similar to common linen fabrics made from hemp or flax. The materials in bamboo make them even safer to sleep on. Bamboo sheets are the softest sheets you can use. They feel weightless and give you a cosy feeling. 

What is cotton linen?

Cotton linen fibre is sewn using pure cotton. This makes it difficult to lose shape, is anti-static, and has no rolling and edge issues. Since they are natural based, these fabrics are environmentally-friendly. The combination of cotton and linen avoids the disadvantages of each material. The softness and smoothness of cotton reduces the roughness and skin friction issues of linen. On the other hand, the lightness of the cotton is shouldered by the linen's stiffness. This is a perfect choice for summer bedding.

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